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A Virtual Rheumatology Clinic

Motto is an in-network virtual Rheumatology clinic serving patients in Texas and California. Patients referred to Motto get their first 60 minute Rheumatologist visit in under three weeks and Motto will follow up with your practice on the outcome of the visit. 

Send referrals to:

Dr. Elizabeth Ortiz, M.D.

Fax: (866) 458-6930

Phone: (214) 253-9395

Texas Address:

325 N. Paul Street, Suite 3100

Dallas, TX, 75201-3923

California Address:

755 Baywood Drive, 2nd Floor

Petaluma, CA 94954-5510

Examples of conditions we can treat:

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Sjogren’s Syndrome


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

Polymyalgia Rheumatica

CREST syndrome/Scleroderma


...and many more!

Motto is happy to provide thorough consultations for any patient regardless of their symptoms or condition.

How can Motto help you?

Timely appointments

Most patients can be seen within 3 weeks versus an average wait of 3 months for in-person care.

Consults for any rheumatology question

Our Rheumatologists and specialty nurse practitioners can provide consults and guidance for any rheumatology questions you may have.

Unprecedented patient support

Motto patients get access, not only to our medical team, but to our team of health coaches and registered dietitians, to address every aspect of their care.

Convenience and accessibility

Because appointments are telemedicine, common compliance issues, such as transportation to visits, are eliminated. Patients have access 24/7 to the Motto patient app.

Open communication between providers

We see ourselves as members of your patient’s care team and value open communication between providers. We send over all medical notes and test results and will not hesitate to get on the phone to discuss any issues that arise. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes! For the majority of patients virtual care is a highly effective and more convenient way to receive rheumatology care. However, we know virtual care is not right for every patient. As part of the initial Motto consultation, we evaluate the patient for fitness for virtual care. If our doctors decide that virtual care is not in the patient’s best interests, the Motto team will work with the patient and their PCP to find the right in-person care option outside of Motto.
Rheumatology patients can be complex for a number of reasons and Motto understands that. Motto’s integrated care model is built to manage exactly these types of patients. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach that includes Health Coaches, Dietitians, and the Rheumatologist, complex patients get all of their needs met, which also takes some of the burden off of the PCP. We communicate all that we are doing and are happy to collaborate with PCPs to manage these patients.
Motto is in network with most major insurers.This means your patient pays the same as if they were visiting an in-person in-network rheumatologist. For patients who are out of network or do not have insurance, Motto also offers a cash-pay option.
Motto can see most patients within 3 weeks of your referral compared to an average wait of 3+ months for in-person Rheumatologists. This alleviates the need for primary care providers to continue to care for conditions they do not often encounter while their patient is waiting to get in to see a Rheumatologist.
We are always happy to chat with you and help you figure out if a referral makes sense or answer any questions you have. Think of us as your new Rheumatologist friend who can help out when you have a question you don’t encounter often. Click here to share your phone number and we will be in touch by the end of the next business day.
Motto will completely handle all infusion orders and will work with the patient to find an infusion option convenient to them. Motto also does all appropriate lab monitoring necessary for the infusion medication and shares these results with the patient’s primary care provider.
Motto believes that great Rheumatology care requires supporting a patient outside of the visit and we are built to offer that support. Every Motto patient gets a Health Coach and Dietician who work with them one on one and work with the patient and their Rheumatologist to make sure the patient is on track. Motto patients go through a research-backed lifestyle curriculum that focuses on key lifestyle elements that have been proven to impact auto-immune and inflammatory conditions. Click here to learn more.
The easiest way to refer a patient is to fill out this short form here, but you also can always reach our clinic at phone number (214) 253-9395 or fax us at (866) 458-6930.
Meet the Medical Team

Elizabeth Ortiz, MD

Rheumatologist and Medical Director

Dr. Ortiz has a talent for making the complex, understandable. She is a double board-certified Internist and Rheumatologist with over 12 years’ experience in large public medical centers, tertiary institutions and concierge practices. Dr. Ortiz has cared for thousands of patients with conditions ranging from the rare & complex to the common. She finds true joy in accompanying patients along their journey, providing guidance, expertise and care. She received her MD from Weill Medical School at Cornell University after completing a BS in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M. She completed both her Internal Medicine and Rheumatology training at the Los Angeles County- University of Southern California Medical Center.

Sheila Behimehr, APRN

Specialist Nurse Practitioner

Sheila brings 10 years experience in direct patient care, working with people affected by chronic conditions. She is a board-certified adult and gerontology nurse practitioner and an adjunct professor at Texas Woman’s University. Sheila worked as an RN in the lung transplant and cardiac surgery unit at Baylor University Medical Center and as a nurse practitioner with Rheumatology Associates, the largest rheumatology private practice in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Sheila practices patient-centered care and believes in empowering patients to play an active role in their health. She completed a Bachelor’s in Nursing at Texas Woman’s University with honors, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with her Master’s in Science.

What physicians are saying about working with Dr. Ortiz

Excellent clinician, the best

Knowledgeable, approachable

Invaluable resource, helpful

When I consult with Dr. Ortiz, I know that I am getting the best, most up-to-date advice. She is an excellent clinician, has a wide breadth of medical knowledge and an incredible understanding of the complexities of rheumatology. She has been helpful in cases where patients are seeking second opinions as well as those who require an initial workup. I always learn something from our conversations - I would whole-heartedly recommend her!

Dr. Ortiz is very knowledgeable and approachable. She takes her time to understand each patient I bring to her and has been very helpful with my complex patients. She has always answered my questions promptly, never making me feel my questions are inappropriate or out of line. My own comfort with rheumatic issues has increased based on my work with Dr. Ortiz!

Dr. Ortiz has been an invaluable resource. She is able to break down complex medical concepts into information I can really understand and then pass to my patients. I find her helpful for both my simple and complex auto-immune cases. Working with her is a delight and I would recommend her to anyone in need of clarity with their rheumatology questions!

Douglas Weine, MD


Zachary Taylor, MD

Internist/Primary Care

Daniel Yadegar, MD


In network with major insurers in Texas and California including:

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